Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Registry Wish List | Baby #2

Entering into my 27th week of pregnancy (and ending the school year) has really lit a fire under me to start getting things ready for Shep's arrival. Since this is our second baby we anticipate having to get most of the things we want ourselves so we really want to be organized and strategic about our purchases. Since we do have most everything we need it is a lot easier to narrow down what's left to put on our list. There are a few things that I want to do differently this time around including using a different infant carrier. Below I've shared my top wish list items for baby number two.

With Bennett we had a Britax B-Safe infant seat, which I loved, but I really want something new for Shep. I feel like 90% of the stuff he is getting will be from his brother and I just want something completely new and fresh for him. Knowing just how much time he will spend in this seat for the first several months of his life really has me wanting to get a new one. 

I didn't wear Bennett a ton but mostly because I didn't need to. I imagine having a toddler + newborn will look very different than the first time around and I anticipate it being essential for me to wear Shep a lot. I actually just received this in the mail and am really excited to learn how to use it. There are some really great tutorials on the Solly Baby website that I will definitely utilize!

This is something that I really wanted to get for my hospital stay with Bennett and then it just completely slipped my mind. Looking back, I don't know that I would have worn it much because it was December and I was always cold. Since I'll be having Shep in September I know I will want something light and airy that still looks nice when we having visitors in the hospital + once we get home. 

I just really love the idea of having this swaddle for pictures! 


  1. This is basically a "things Victoria loves" wishlist.. I have that exact solly wrap and it's awesome! I really do think a PPS robe will be a great addition to your hospital bag.. I LOVED having mine!

  2. Love the robe! I hope you do a post soon about a shared nursery for the boys! I need some tips!

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