Monday, July 25, 2016

33 Weeks | Shep

We are well into the third trimester and I feel like the countdown is officially on. I have a ton of things left to do but thanks to some insane nesting I have started checking a lot of things off my long list. I still have a lot to do in the nursery but I feel like it's really starting to come together.

How far along: 33 Weeks

Baby's size: About 4.5lbs

Baby's progress: Shep's bones are fully developed, they are just getting harder and more stable from this point on.

Weight gain: About 20 lbs

Stretch marks: No

Sleep: Some nights are better than others but overall not bad. I haven't wanted to use my pregnancy pillow much this pregnancy.

Gender: BOY!

Movement: My goodness this boy is constantly moving! Bennett never moved as much as he does. He is constantly rolling around and kicking.

Best moment this week: Spending 10 full days with Nicole! We had so much fun just living normal life together : )

Looking forward to: Starting back to work! I'm excited to meet my new babies and get some routines established before leaving for maternity leave.

Food cravings: No real cravings

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing out of the ordinary

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope :)

Labor signs: Bennett is head down and I've been having a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there.

What I miss: Not feeling like a whale all the time ; )

Symptoms: I've had a few nights of insomnia, some random heartburn, and just overall aches and pains associated with the third trimester, but overall I feel really great!

Things that suck: This isn't necessarily something that sucks just something that is not going the way I had pictured it. So we decided a few months ago to buy Bennett a twin bed in preparation of transitioning him from the crib before Shep gets here. It sat in his room for a little while before we decided one day to try it out. Let's just say it went as bad as it could have possibly gone. He's totally not ready to give up his crib. So we're trying to be patient and see if he will change his mind before the baby gets here but we're also having to think of plan B just incase ; )

Things that don't suck: Knowing that I have just a short amount of time left until I get to meet my second baby!!

I feel like this pregnancy has been such a dream and I am SO thankful for that. I am excited to finish the last little bit in the nursery and really soak in the last couple of weeks I have with Bennett as an only child. I know he's going to rock it as a big brother but he is still a baby in my eyes and I want him to feel so loved as we wait for his brother to get here : )

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was so great! We started out the weekend with a pool day and then dinner + fireworks downtown on Friday night. This is the first year that Athens has done fireworks downtown and I really hope they do it again because it was great. We had dinner at Teds (of course) and then ventured over to where all the action was. There were tons of jump houses, cotton candy, snowcones, food trucks, beer gardens, and more! We set up just outside of the Terrapin beer garden for the fireworks show. It was Bennetts first time seeing fireworks and he LOVED them. We weren't really expecting him to stay awake until they started but thankfully he was in a great mood and loved getting to stay up late and play. As soon as the fireworks were over though he started pointing to his stroller saying "night night" ; )

Bennett's shirt is from Honeybee Tees and CG's vest is from Target : )

Saturday we spent the day at the pool again and took it easy that night at home. Sunday we headed out to my aunt's house at the lake and spent the day with family at the pool. It was so much fun having all the kiddos running around and swimming together. We always have such a good time when every gets together (which is actually pretty often!)

Monday we headed back to the lake and took the boat out for the day. We weren't sure how Bennett would do since the last time we tried to take him on the boat (Labor Day last year) he freaked out the entire time because of his life jacket. It was awful. This time however, he was loving life! He spent the entire day either in the lake swimming around or on the boat eating. What could be better?! : )

Thankful for a weekend to celebrate America and enjoy time with family!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Current Toddler Favorites | Meal Time Essentials

meal time essentials | Bennett

Meal time is something we take pretty seriously around here since our little guy is pretty much obsessed with eating. He is constantly asking for "nacks" throughout the day, even after eating a big meal ; ) Like most moms, I am obsessed with finding products that make every day tasks, like meal time, a bit easier. I have rounded up our current meal time essentials and I hope they are useful suggestions for you + your littles!

1. EZPZ Happy Mat
I bought this mat on a whim when Bennett was less than a year old and I am SO glad I did. It has made meal time so much easier with less plates, bowls, etc., to wash. Since it's made from silicone it's easy to wash and is dishwasher safe (I usually rinse it off after every meal and throw it in the dishwasher every other night or not so). It also sticks to the table pretty well which prevents him from pulling it up and spilling food every where. These mats come in several different versions and different colors. They also have a smaller version made for high chairs if your littles aren't eating at the table!

2. Re-Play Utensils
I cannot say enough good things about this brand. We have tried a lot of their products and really love them all! The utensils are definitely my favorite. I bought a set of forks and spoons in different colors and they have been great for helping BT learn how to eat food with utensils. I have been giving him a fork/spoon at every meal since before he was one and now he is pretty much a professional ; ) These utensils are comfortable and easy to use and the pretty colors don't hurt either!

3. Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup
Before Bennett started using a sippy cup I had seen/heard a lot of talk about this "miracle cup." After BT had been using a sippy cup for a little while I decided to give this one a try. At first he didn't understand how to drink out of it but once I showed him a few times he got the hang of it and it quickly became one of his favorite cups! I want to do another post soon specifically dedicated to sippy cups because I have pretty much tried every single kind on the market.. just ask my husband ; )

4. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair
Since our kitchen area is on the smaller side I knew I didn't want to clutter the space with a large high chair. Since Bennett was about 5 months old and eating solids we have used some sort of space saver high chair. We got this particular one when he was around 10 months old and I will never look back! I wish I would have gotten it sooner because it is the perfect chair!! It has a recline position for infants and slowly leans up for toddlers to sit at the table. Bennett is really into sitting at his small table to eat his meals now but we still use this high chair for family meals or when we need him to be contained for a minute ; ) Since it sits at our kitchen table I don't have the tray attached but occasionally I will add the tray and move his chair into the living room so he can enjoy a snack and watch a tv show while I clean up or something. I am definitely excited about having this seat from the get-go with Shep!

Friday, July 1, 2016

July Goals

June Goals
1. Continue working on the boys' room. I want to wash all of Shep's clothes and organize his drawers. I also want to finish getting Bennett's new bed ready. & I still need to find bedding.
2. Make a citronella candle + complete other projects with our essential oils. 
3. Work on my maternity leave plans
4. Book our Babymoon!

I finally found bedding that I liked for BT's room! I got it all washed and put on his bed yesterday and it looks so cute : ) He hasn't started sleeping in there yet because (long story short..) our monitor screen has been broken and I just do not feel comfortable with him in there without me being able to see him. Our new monitor should be here this weekend so next week is go time!

I initially thought I wanted to wash and organize all of Shep's newborn clothes but I realized that was ridiculous since I still have 10ish weeks to go. I will probably wait until the beginning of August to do this. 

We never got around to making the candle I wanted to make but I did use oils to make some different cleaners and experimented with diffusing different things together :)

I had planned to finish up maternity plans this month but I got a call from my principal a couple weeks ago asking if I wanted to move down to teach 1st & 2nd grade math (& 2nd grade science/ss/writing). I knew this was a possibility but with going on maternity leave I never dreamed they would actually let me do it. I was SO excited to get that call. So needless to say I've had to completely re-do my plans for the year and get ready to teach two new grades!

We are going on our babymoon next weekend to Charleston, SC and I CANNOT WAIT. I have only been once and Adam has never been so it will be fun to explore together. Since it's only a 3 hour drive we decided to leave early Saturday morning and spend all day Saturday and Sunday there. It will be so nice to get away one last time just the two of us before Shep arrives. 

July Goals
1. Enjoy our babymoon in Charleston
2. Work on back to school and maternity leave plans. I can also get back into my classroom sometime this month so I will need to move everything from my old room to my new room and set up my new room.. AHHH..
3. Enjoy 10 full days with NICOLE