Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was so great! We started out the weekend with a pool day and then dinner + fireworks downtown on Friday night. This is the first year that Athens has done fireworks downtown and I really hope they do it again because it was great. We had dinner at Teds (of course) and then ventured over to where all the action was. There were tons of jump houses, cotton candy, snowcones, food trucks, beer gardens, and more! We set up just outside of the Terrapin beer garden for the fireworks show. It was Bennetts first time seeing fireworks and he LOVED them. We weren't really expecting him to stay awake until they started but thankfully he was in a great mood and loved getting to stay up late and play. As soon as the fireworks were over though he started pointing to his stroller saying "night night" ; )

Bennett's shirt is from Honeybee Tees and CG's vest is from Target : )

Saturday we spent the day at the pool again and took it easy that night at home. Sunday we headed out to my aunt's house at the lake and spent the day with family at the pool. It was so much fun having all the kiddos running around and swimming together. We always have such a good time when every gets together (which is actually pretty often!)

Monday we headed back to the lake and took the boat out for the day. We weren't sure how Bennett would do since the last time we tried to take him on the boat (Labor Day last year) he freaked out the entire time because of his life jacket. It was awful. This time however, he was loving life! He spent the entire day either in the lake swimming around or on the boat eating. What could be better?! : )

Thankful for a weekend to celebrate America and enjoy time with family!


  1. That pic of CG in the inter tube... she has so much attitude and it kills me!!