Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life with Two Under Two

We have been home for almost two weeks now and are slowly settling into a routine! I decided to keep Bennett's schedule as normal as possible so he went to daycare his normal three days last week and was home with me on Friday. Friday was my first day solo with both boys, and overall I think we did pretty good! Adam came home early, around 3:00, so that was helpful : )

From what we can tell so far, Shep is a pretty laid back kiddo. He sleeps a ton and I have to wake him for almost every feeding. He has had a little bit of reflux but nothing compared to Bennett. We are still keeping our eye on it and will start medicine if it doesn't seem to get better. He seems to have it after every bottle but it doesn't necessarily bother him. I'd say about once a day he has a good 30-45 minutes of screaming, and I am assuming it's related to the pain of reflux. Other than that he is a quiet, sweet, little guy!

A lot of people have asked how Bennett is doing, and overall I'd say he's doing exactly how I thought he would. At first he was very upset and did not like the idea of sharing his mama. Slowly though, he is getting better. He has shown much more of an interest in Shep in the last couple of days and doesn't get as upset when I am holding him. I know it will be fine in the long run, it's just a big adjustment for him right now.

Adam and I are the kind of people who are always on the go, so staying at home for weeks with a newborn, and not going anywhere, is our idea of torture. We started getting out of the house really early with Bennett and have done the same with Shep. Obviously we know we have to be careful about where he goes but we just cover him up real good ; ) So far he has been to Publix, Target, Bennett's school (for all of 5 minutes to pick him up), and the Touch-a-Truck event! We think Shep enjoys being on the go just like his big brother did.

Being a mama to two under two is certainly no walk in the park..for example, when I picked Bennett up from school last week I got back to the car with both boys and panicked. I didn't know who to put in the car first. If I put Shep in first then Bennett is left to stand in the parking lot by the car and could potentially run at any second, and if I put Bennett in first (which takes longer), Shep is sitting in his carseat on the ground waiting. Seems silly but I was really confused on what I should do. I ended up putting Shep in first, and thankfully Bennett followed directions and kept his hands on the car ; ) Little things like that are things I never thought about with having two little ones!

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  1. I'm glad you shared your ultimate decision about who goes in the car first.. tucking that away for the future!