Thursday, September 15, 2016

Shep's Birth Story

Harrison Shepard Leakey

7lbs, 9 oz, 20.5in
September 7, 2016


I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy flew by. Having a toddler to chase around while you're pregnant really makes things go by fast! As I approached my final weeks of pregnancy the physical exhaustion really took over. I went back to work at 34 weeks and it was tough. I moved classrooms and changed grade levels so I was extremely busy for 5 straight weeks and it was so hard on my body. I was thankful my midwife was on board with another induction because I was so ready for my sweet boy to be here!

At my 38 week appointment we scheduled my induction for the following Wednesday. I was 39 weeks and 2 days. I loved that much of the day was similar to how things went with Bennett. I am a creature of habit and love predictability so it was just good for me. We started our day with breakfast at Chickfila, just like we did before Bennett was born, and then headed over to the hospital around 7am. 

We got checked in and settled into our room (which was right next door to the room I delivered Bennett in). The nurses came in and hooked me up to IV's and started pitocin around 8:30. My midwife came sometime around 9:00 and checked me. I was about 5cm and 80%. My pitocin was kicked up every 30 minutes until about 3:00 when I decided to get my epidural.

At this point things got a little scary. Mine and Shep's heart rates were not responding well to the epidural. I had a terrible headache, my heart was racing, and I felt like I could barely talk. As Shep's heart rate continued to drop the nurse had me lay in several different positions trying to get it back up. Finally after an hour or so of flipping every way we could try we found a position that worked. I was sitting up with my legs dangling off the bottom half of the bed that they lowered.

You can kind of tell here how I was sitting.

Because of the way they had my legs positioned (hips open) my epidural settled onto the left side of my body but not my right. Basically I could feel every single contraction in my right hip and it was really hard. I think because I was only able to feel it in that one spot that it made it worse because the pain was so extreme and so isolated to that one area. Thankfully I didn't have to stay like that for long because around 4:30pm my midwife checked me again and said I was 10cm. She wasn't ready for me to push because he still needed to drop a little more on his own. She went over to the other hospital in town to break someone's water and as soon as she got back around 5:20pm she came in and said it was time to have a baby! 

I asked my mom to get my camera out of my bag so she could take pictures. I took this shot to make sure the lighting was okay and I happened to catch a picture of the clock. This is hilarious to me because it just proves how quickly things happened from here. 

I started pushing at 5:28pm and Shep was born at 5:33pm. I pushed once during the first contraction, waited until the next and pushed one more time. I literally couldn't believe how fast it happened. I pushed for 15 minutes with Bennett so I never imagined I'd have one any quicker. I am so thankful for the guidance of my midwife during the delivery process. She is amazing!! She is the same midwife that delivered Bennett so that was really special to me.

Overall this recovery has been a million times easier than my recovery with Bennett. I am so thankful to be able to be up and moving around so soon after Shep's birth. We are adjusting well to being a family of four and having two under two : )

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  1. Congratulations!!! He's the cutest little thing and I'm glad you were able to have a safe delivery!