Thursday, October 13, 2016

Life Lately

Things around here are still moving pretty slow. Shep and I spend most of our days cuddled up with each other on the couch while Bennett is at school. I have ventured out a couple times with each kiddo separately and a couple times with them together. The logistics behind getting out of the house with both kids by myself still scares me a little but we're getting there! I know all too soon it will become second nature and I will throw them both in the car and go just like we did when it was just BT :)

Last weekend I took both boys to watch CG cheer. Thankfully I had lots of people there to help me!

BT was all about his Uncle Blake since he was sharing his skittles ; )

 CG and two of her favorite guys, her daddy & uncle Blake

CG and her mommy

 Love watching my girl cheer!

One of our favorite things to do to get out of the house is to go to Shugie & Mick Dad's house. Earlier this week I took BT over there after I picked him up from school and we played with CG in the driveway for a while. They are playing with a big box of Adam's old toys from when he was little.

We have been talking with Bennett about his Halloween costume for a couple weeks now. I really wanted him to be a firefighter and Shep to be a little dalmatian but BT had other plans. Every time I would ask him what he wanted to be he would say "Elmo!" So after school yesterday we went to find him an Elmo costume. He was SOOOO excited. I love kids and their random obsessions and I love that I have a child who is old enough to pick out their own costume! 

We are headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend and I cannot wait! 



  1. Oh my goodness - that elmo costume is too much!!!

  2. I mean maybe he knew better because that is DARLING!!

  3. All the heart eyes for that Elmo costume!!!! And the grin on his face says it ALL. I did love your idea for the boys together, maybe next year!