Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Traditions

I'm back again today linking up with Victoria and Sarah to share our Christmas traditions! This post is definitely my favorite of the series because I.LOVE.TRADITIONS. They are truly my love language and I am so happy to have so many wonderful traditions with my family this time of year.

(1) Thanksgiving North Campus walk
This isn't a Christmas tradition but it's a tradition that kind of kicks off Christmas in my mind. For the last several years (even before kiddos) Adam and I have gone to UGA's North Campus for a walk on Thanksgiving morning. It has become something I look forward to every year, especially now with kids. I love looking at our pictures from that walk through the years and seeing how we've grown and changed. It's something I hope we continue doing for a long time.

(2) The Pink Pig
For those who didn't grow up in Atlanta like I did this may seem like a silly tradition but for us it is something we look forward to every year! It has really become a big deal for our extended family, complete with coordinating outfits for the kiddos! & if BT's reaction to the pig is any indication of how breakfast with Santa will go on Saturday then I'm sure it will be a great time ; )

(3) Breakfast with Santa
This is something we started last year but I know it will continue to be a yearly tradition! We have our breakfast this year scheduled for next year. I'm anxious to see how Bennett reacts this year because last year he was not having it ; )

(4) Roomie Christmas Dinner
I am so lucky to have lived with 2 really great friends during college who are still some of my very best friends! We are constantly in a group text with each other and talk pretty much every single day even though we don't live near each other anymore. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is that no matter what we make sure to go to dinner with each other right after Christmas day. It is so much fun to sneak away from our kiddos and husbands to spend some girl time together reminiscing on our fun days of living carefree together!


  1. That pink pig is hilarious!

    I always recommend to friends with kids to call NORAD to track Santa's delivery route; we used to call as kids and then volunteer as elves once we got older -it's fun to see where in the world Santa is - especially when he's nearby to help kids go to bed!

  2. These are great traditions! I really love that you still have dinner with your college roommates! My college roommate was my best friend from home and we started a tradition in college of baking Christmas goodies and giving them away--one year we gave them away to the cleaning people in our dorm! We've continued that tradition now that we're married and an hour from one another, and it's really fun deciding on the treat to make! I'm so glad you're linking up with us!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts