Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Wish List


I am linking up with Victoria and Sarah over the next few days for some fun Christmas themed blog posts! Christmas is most definitely my favorite time of the year...especially now with two kiddos to celebrate with!

This year for Christmas we decided collectively as a family that the gift giving is going to scale down MAJORLY. Even though we have decided to give less gifts there are definitely still a few things that are on my wish list ; )

  • This past summer I practically lived in these Lululemon Tracker Shorts and I would love to have another pair.
  • Last Christmas I was gifted these booties from Nordstrom in black but I think the grey leather pair are super cute too!
  • I'm slowly starting to ease back into my Tone it up workout routine and nothing is more motivating for me to workout than a new pair of Nikes.
  • I use this eye shadow palette daily and am in desperate need of a new one!
  • And one thing I already got as an early Christmas gift from my parents is a rose gold Apple watch! I am loving it so much already!
Nothing too crazy but definitely some things that I would love to have! Check back over the next couple of days for even more Christmas fun (including a Christmas home tour!!)

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