Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New 101 in 1001

Yesterday I shared my final update for my first 101 in 1001 one! I was able to complete a good bit of the things I put on my list. I'm excited to share my newly updated list that I will be working on over the next 3 years. Some of the things on this list are things I was unable to accomplish on my last list or repeats of things I would like to do again with some random new things thrown in as well. Enjoy!

Start: December 13, 2016
End: September 10, 2019

1. Go on a mission trip with Adam.
2. Take a meal to a family. 
3. Go grocery shopping for someone.
4. Lead a college community group.
5. Babysit a friend’s baby for free so they can have a date night.
6. Do something nice for the boys' teachers.
7. Save 3-6 months worth of living expenses.
8. Buy an external hard drive and back up all my pictures.
9.  Host a yard sale.
10. Take a photography class.
11. Go to a Pure Barre class.
12. Research foster care/attend a class.
13. Complete a service project with my students.  
14. Sell our first home.
15. Buy a new home.
16. Send flowers to a friend.
17. Write a handwritten letter to someone.
18. Send a random care package to a friend.
19. Complete a bible study with friends.
20. Find a new hobby.
21. Have a no spend month.
22. Serve the homeless on a holiday.
23. Go on a walk everyday for a month.

24. Cook dinner every night for a month. 
25. Leave random notes for Adam.
26. Donate clothes.
27. Go to a new restaurant.
28. Have overnight guests in our home.
29. Plan a surprise trip.
30. Move Adam's clothes out of Shep's closet. 
31. Host a family holiday.
32. Host a baby shower. 
33. Meal plan for the entire month. 
34. Pay off car loan.
35. Buy a new bedroom set.
36. Buy a dining room set

37. Watch our wedding video together.
38. Go on a 5 year anniversary trip.
39. Have an anniversary shoot.
40. Surprise Adam with lunch at work.
41. Plan a romantic dinner date for Adam. 
42. Make Adam a present for his birthday. 
43. Have a special date night once a month.
44. Celebrate our dating anniversary with dinner at Porterhouse. 
45. Recreate our engagement day/night. 
46. Have dinner at our rehearsal dinner venue.

47. Finish both baby books. 
48. Start a prayer/journal bible for both boys.
49. Take each child on an individual date with each parent.
50.  Donate baby clothes.
51. Yearly family photos.
52. Buy the boys a large swing set.
53. Add to college funds. 

[Classic City Mama]
54.  Go to some kind of a blog conference.
55.  Make a book of my favorite blog posts.
56.  Meet a blog friend in person.
57. Do a collaboration with a company I love. 
58. Blog everyday for a month.
59. Host a collaboration blog series. 
60. Do an update 4 times a year on all my completed tasks.
61. Redesign my blog.
62. Write a blog post that goes viral.
63. Raise money on my blog for a cause.
64. Guest post for a blogger.

66. Learn 20 new bible verses. 
67. Teach somebody how to do something.
68. Learn how to monogram.
69. Put together a book of 100 verses/quotes.
70. Complete an entire Tone it Up workout plan.
71. Be a teacher in my dream school district.
72. Run a 5k. 
73. Create a capsule wardrobe for a season.
74. Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished.
75. Be social media free for an entire day.
76.Be social media free for an entire weekend.
77. Be social media free for an entire week.

78. Visit 5 new cities. 
79. Go to Texas.
80. Go to NYC.
81. Buy a golf cart.
82. Walk through campus with Adam.
83. Spend a week at the beach.
84. Go to another country. 
85. Go to a winery.
86. Stay at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee.
87. Take a cooking lesson.
88. Stay in a mountain house.
89. Take the dogs to a dog park. 
90. Ride on a train.
91. Go on a vacation with my whole family. 
92. Go to a NFL game.
93. Visit every SEC football stadium
94. Stay at a Disney World resort.  
95. Go on a beach trip with friends.
96. Have a “staycation”.
97. Take a random road trip. 
98. Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant. 
99. Eat a new food. 
100. Have a picnic on North Campus. 
101. Speak in front of a crowd of 100+ people.

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