Friday, December 9, 2016

Shep [3 Months]

I feel like we are officially out of the newborn phase and I feel like we survived it well! It is definitely much easier the second time around just because we knew (mostly) what to expect. Obviously Shep is not exactly like his brother but for the most part navigating the newborn months was much easier this time around : )

Weight/Height: We don't go back to the doctor until his 4-month well check the middle of January so I will have to update after that.

Hair: Shep's hair is still dark and pretty thin.

Eyes: Still very blue. Somehow I think I got another blue eyed boy! Adam has brown eyes and I have blue eyes so I figured at least one of our children would have dark eyes but so far they take after their mama in that department.

Clothes: Some 0-3 month still but mostly 3-6 months at this point. Shep's drawers are packed full thanks to big brother!!

Diapers: Still size 1 but we definitely need to switch to 2's

Sleeping: For the most part Shep sleeps about 9 hours through the night. He is still sleeping swaddled in his Rock-n-Play but we will be moving him to his crib full-time once I'm on Christmas break. We tried to transition him to his crib while I was on Thanksgiving break but he just was not having it. Sleep is definitely one of the areas that Shep and Bennett are not alike. Bennett was sleeping through the night, in his crib, by 8 weeks. Shep is just not as secure in his crib as Bennett was (and still is), so the transition has been a lot harder this time. Honestly I am just so tired most of the time that I would rather him sleep in his RNP and sleep the whole night then to put him in his crib and have to keep getting him back to sleep. Like I said though, Christmas break is coming soon and he will definitely be going to his crib no matter what ; )

Likes: Cuddling, watching his brother, and laughing at his daddy

Dislikes: Not much upsets our sweet boy but he does get upset when he gets super hungry or tired.

Eating: Shep takes 5 bottles a day with 6oz of formula in each one. He no longer takes any feedings in the middle of the night but does usually wake up early (around 5:30 or 6) for his first bottle. Hoping to get to 7am very soon ; )

Milestones: Shep has been "talking" so much this month. He has also let out a few chuckles. Still waiting on that full on belly laugh but the little coo's are super cute!!

Baby items we can't live without: This month we have really used our Fisher Price Sit-me-up Floor Seat a TON. It is perfect for when we're trying to get ready and he is awake. He has started trying to play with the little toys on it so that has been fun to watch.

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