Saturday, April 15, 2017

Shep [7 Months]

Shep turned 7 months old on April 7th! We had the best month with Shep. He is growing so fast and seems to be learning something new every day. He probably had the best month of his life thus far, as he was healthy the entire month (including eczema) !!


Weight/Height: 20lbs, 27in 

Hair: Still growing some hair! It's all blond and seems to be thin (don't think he got my thick hair like Bennett..)

Clothes: Shep is wearing mostly 9-12m with some 12-18m in shirts (#BigBelly).

Diapers: Size 3 but can wear 4's too (found that out when I ran out of 3's and put one of Bennett's 4's on we might just move on to 4's so the boys are in the same size)

Sleeping: Shep is FINALLY sleeping 12+ hours. His eczema has cleared up SO much and I know this is the reason he is finally sleeping well. He is starting to teethe some so I'm sure there will be more sleepless nights in our future so we are enjoying the sleep while we can!

Likes: Snuggling with mommy, his lovie and blanket, playing on his play mat, watching his brother do anything!

Dislikes: It's so hard for me to ever think of anything Shep dislikes...he's that happy!

Eating: Shep has four 8oz bottles a day and eats baby food 3x/day. I will start introducing some finger foods soon!

Milestones: Babbling and making lots of noises, first beach trip, sleeping through the night (for the first time since he was 3 months old!!!!)

Baby Items We Can't Live Without: Bibs, play mat, boppy, exersaucer, lovie/blanket, sophie the giraffe (or any other teething toy).

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