Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's Up Wednesday [June 2017]

With me being out of town all last week and eating out a ton more than I normally do I have enjoyed eating at home almost every meal. Adam and I did sneak away for a little anniversary dinner celebration. We ate at the restaurant we ate at the night we got engaged so it was super special :)

My trip to Mississippi last week! Shep and I had the BEST time with Nicole, Campbell, and Crawford! We missed Adam, Bennett, and Tyler but it was so fun to have our three littlest babies together for a few days.

I have been super into podcasts lately. I listened to them the entire way to and from Mississippi. My favs right now are Risen Motherhood, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and boring but...I've been loving the Dave Ramsey podcast, ha!

Potty training! We have been holed up at home for the last little bit and so far so good! I'm definitely no expert, and we haven't barely left the house yet, but I'm glad he's catching on. 

Nothing really right now..other than cleaning up the massive disaster of toys the boys are currently creating ha!

I've been trying to go through all of our stuff and make keep, donate, sell piles before we move. My mom and I are having a garage sale this week and then the remainder will be donated. I am excited to move with just the things we need! We're still in our house for a few more months but while I'm home for the summer I figured I'd get a head start on everything.


This next school year I am changing schools yet again! This time though I am finally exactly where I want to be and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I am super excited to get in my classroom and get everything organized and ready for back to school. Fully enjoying my summer home with my boys right now though!

I've been watching Southern Charm (Charleston and Savannah) but the seasons ended last night, Counting On, and the Today Show (loved seeing Shay and Kennsington on there earlier this week!). Surprisingly I haven't really been into the Bachelorette this season..way too many other shows going on and just haven't had the time. 

Let's be honest, I'm basically living in my Lululemon track shorts but when I get "dressed up" I have been loving THESE shorts from American Eagle with cute tops. 

Our town is having fireworks Saturday night so we will definitely spending a lot of time downtown this weekend. I'm sure we'll have dinner somewhere and let the boys run around and play. Our church is currently taking a summer sabbath so we don't have church for the next two weeks. If the weather cooperates I would love to have breakfast downtown Sunday morning.

This probably doesn't sound very exciting to most people but I am super excited about July because Adam and I reconfigured our budget and found some areas where we can significantly cut back and it just has me excited for the potential to save more $ and continue paying off debt (dang you master's degree student loans!)

Shep is on the move! He is pulling up on everything, cruising along the furniture, and walking with his walker. I know it won't be long until he's chasing his big brother around everywhere! 

We typically spend the weekend at the lake, watching fire works, and dressing the babies in their best red, white, & blue. I'm interested how Shep handles fire works. Bennett loves them but Shep has never seen them before so we'll see! 

and a little patriotic throwback for fun! I can't wait to see Shep in this jon jon this year!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Shep [9 Months]

Our sweet Harrison Shepard is NINE months old. I am forever wishing he would quit getting older. He is mama's little baby and I do not want that to change! I cannot believe how close we are to his first birthday and that I am already having to think about that. This has been such a fun month with Shep. He has learned so many new things!

Weight/Height: 21 1bs, 28 1/2 in

Hair: Our sweet Shepy is starting to get a lot more hair! He's so cute with his bed head in the mornings.

Clothes: Mostly 12 month

Diapers: Size 4

Sleeping: Shep usually goes to sleep around 6:45pm and wakes up around 7:00am. He takes 2 long naps, one in the morning and one after lunch time, then he takes another shorter one in the late afternoon sometimes.

Likes: Shep loves playing with his toys, snuggling with his mama, and laughing at his brother.

Dislikes: Someone not coming to get him out of his crib the second his eyes open in the morning ;)

Eating: Shep has four 8oz bottles/day, 1-2 jars of baby food, and finger food snacks. He has started weaning himself from his bottle and is wanting his sippy cup more during the day. He loves to eat but I am having to be very careful about what I give him because of his dairy and soy allergies. We are going to do a full food allergy evaluation at his 1 year appt. so until then we will just stick simple foods. So far he has been enjoying bananas, steamed carrots, and some bread!

Milestones: Shep is officially crawling and pulling up! He has 2 (bottom) teeth and working on his top 2. I have also been working with Shep on baby sign language. He has "more" down perfect!

Baby Items We Can't Live Without: I feel like we used our high chair a lot this month. Shep is starting to eat more finger foods so he is sitting longer in his seat. He drinks his day time bottles/sippy cups in his high chair. We also pulled out a few of Bennett's old toys and Shep is loving them, especially the "mobile office" as we like to call it ; )