Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Favorite Podcasts

This summer I have really gotten into listening to Podcasts. I listen a lot in the car but I also listen almost daily during nap time while I'm trying to get stuff done around the house. I thought I would round up my current favorites and ask for more recommendations from you--so if you have any others that you listen to let me know so I can add them to my list!

This one is pretty much a given. These girls are amazing. I feel like every other podcast I listen to disappoints me a little because they will never be as good as Risen Motherhood.  Some of my favorite episodes are:

*Ep. 04 | Resources to Teach Your Children About Jesus
*Ep. 09 | Social Media, Comparison, and Motherhood
*Ep. 15 | When Quiet Times Aren't Quiet

This is one of my favorites for road trips, mainly because they are mostly an hour long! I love this podcast because of the real conversations with influencial people. I love getting a more indepth view of someone that I already "know" through social media. I have also discovered some really amazing people that I didn't even know existed before hearing them on The Happy Hour. Some of my favorite episodes are:

*Happy Hour #82: Shay Shull
*Happy Hour #118: Emily Ley
*Happy Hour #126: Sazan Hendrix
*Happy Half Hour #28: Shay Shull
*Happy Hour 137: Lauren Scruggs Kennedy
(There is also an episode with her mom that I really want to listen to!) 

This is one that I randomly found through Pinterest but I am SO glad I did. Nicole and I had been having this conversation about the word "blessed" and how it really bothered us with the way that people throw the word around so casually without really understanding the meaning of the word. The Upside Down Podcast addresses this same conversation in one of their episodes and it was SO good. Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

*Episode 03- Hashtag Blessed
*Bonus Episode: All About Adoption
*Episode 22- Social Media in an Upside Down World

This is one I just started listening to recently thanks to Nicole! I have only listened to a couple of their episodes but they are so great. Over the last couple of years Adam and I have been on serious mission to simplify our home and life in general. I wouldn't say we are minimalists but we are definitely headed in that direction. Not necessarily minimalists for the sake of having less stuff but more so for the sake of having only meaningful things in our home/lives. This podcast addresses so much of that and it has been really great for me to listen to and hear people who just "get" it!


  1. I've been looking for some new podcasts to listen to while walking outside and I can't wait to check these ones out -- thanks for sharing!

  2. What about the coffee and crumbs podcast? Also love their blog😍

  3. Still need to listen to that blessed one!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing!!! These will be so great to listen to on my commute!

  5. Love listening to podcasts while at home working around the house or on my commute! I also love the Young House Love podcast; they are so fun to listen to and since we are doing some home projects are so applicable.

  6. Putting the Sazan Hendrix happy hour on my list!!