Friday, July 20, 2018

Five on Friday

Hi friends! We have had such a great, relaxing week at home. We have gone HARD this summer and done so many fun things so it was very welcoming to have a full week at home to just be together. I go back to work on Monday so I was soaking in every sweet second with my boys. I thought I'd share five little snippets from my week...

1- The boys and I popped into my classroom earlier this week and I was so excited to see all these supplies + tons more waiting for me. Teacher Christmas!! I am really excited to start back next week!

2- I bought Shep these Keds and I am obsessed with them on him! I know we will get tons of wear out of them this fall. I want to get him a navy pair for his birthday : )

3- Since we've been home I've listened to a lot of Podcasts this week.

  • Journey Women | Wisely Navigating Smartphone Use with Tony Reinke | Ep. 57
    • This one was incredibly timely for me. There were so many great, practical, tips for using Smartphones. One of the things that really jumped out at me was the fact that not everyone needs to be on social media, and not everyone needs to be off of it. For a lot of people it's an area of ministry and the Lord can really use it to draw people closer to him.
  • The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey | Happy Hour #202: Brittany Price Brooker
    • If you follow Brittany on social media or you know her and Daniel's story then you know this one did not disappoint. I don't think I will ever grow tired of hearing her speak and her intense faithfulness in the Lord. I have learned so much from her ability to point to Jesus in all circumstances. 
  • Simple Families | SFP 115: The Benefits of Rowdy Play [with Frances Carlson of Big Body Play]
    • I originally listened to this because #BoyMama but honestly it was so so good for me as a teacher as well! They discussed the reasons why "big body play" is developmentally appropriate, as well as necessary for children. I loved the way they broke down play with children with sensory needs. It was very fascinating and informative!
  • Simply Life on Purpose | Ep. 36 | How to Simplify Meal Planning with Natasha Red
    • This was another very timely podcast as I just posted about our simple meal planning + grocery shopping routine earlier this week. Natasha gave a lot of really great ways to meal plan seasonally. 

4- We have been loving the new season of Outdaughtered. Bennett LOVES to watch it with me. We always laugh because Adam and Danielle are just like Me and my's hilarious to us. Also, seeing how calm and organized Danielle is with the quints + a 7 year old just amazes me!!

5- I can't believe it's already time to start thinking about it, but Shepard's 2nd birthday is about a month and a half away.. I really can't believe it. We don't do big birthday parties (yet) so we're looking forward to celebrating him with a Taco Tuesday Fiesta dinner with our families!

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