Monday, July 23, 2018

Playroom + Preschool

Our playroom has come a long way. From this...

to this...

You can read all about my journey to a more simple lifestyle HERE.

One of the things I love most about our playroom are the types of toys we have. Most every toy is open-ended. Meaning the boys have to actually play with the toy vs. the toy doing the playing for them. They have tons of balls, trucks, animals, people, etc. They are both very imaginative with their toys. We also don't have just "boy" toys. We have a dollhouse, a baby doll, and a play kitchen. I think it's super important for my boys to be sensitive and caring and a lot of that starts with playing with these types of toys. I love watching them take care of their baby, cook meals, or pretend play in their house.

Thanks to Adam's mom keeping a lot of his books from his childhood plus my love for children's literature the boys have a TON of books. Even though they have a lot of books they do not have access to all of them. I keep them up on a higher shelf (in rainbow color order, obviously) and only have a small basket on the floor. I rotate books based on the season or just whatever they're interested in. They probably have 5-10 books in their basket at a time. I love doing this because it always keeps them interested in what's in the basket and helps them continue to grow a love for reading without overwhelming them with a million different options. It's also fun to see them remember their favorites and specifically ask for them to be put in their basket.

I have also recently started including a lot of educational toys and games for Bennett into our play routine. Being that he is only 3 we are really just beginning to work on things, and it's not anything I force him to do. We spend probably a total of an hour per week on these types of activities. I have started picking themes and choosing activities that he can do to help practice letter and number recognition, cutting, tracing, etc. A lot of these things are things that Shep can play with as well even without the educational purpose. I do a lot of fine motor practice with him, putting different things into bins, sorting, etc. This might seem overwhelming, especially if you're not a teacher, but I get all of the resources from Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers and usually find everything for free. I bring home some things from my classroom or purchase cheap supplies on Amazon. The Target dollar spot is the BEST for super simple supplies like themed erasers, cut outs, and window clings. Super simple and easy. It's really fun for me to use my love of teaching for my own kiddos at home. It also gives them something extra to do on the days they are at home during the week or on the weekends. (We are fortunate that they are able to go to pre-school three days a week and then are home with family the other days.)

Something that I think is worth mentioning. Although we are very pro-creative and imaginative play we are not anti-screen time. Our boys watch their fair share of (quality) television and Bennett has an Amazon Fire Kids tablet. However, we are pretty strict on their access and the amount of time they spend in front of a screen. When it comes to t.v. shows we typically only watch shows that are on DVR. We do this so we can fast-forward through commercials and they aren't constantly seeing advertisements for toys they don't need ; ) For Bennett's tablet he can only use it for about 10-15 minutes at a time, a couple times a day. Overall, the boys don't have more than an hour of screen time on most days, unless we are watching a movie as a family, and in that case it's rare that they actually sit through the entire thing anyway! Some days they use the whole hour, other days we don't turn it on at all, it really just depends. As with everything I think you just have to do what works best for your family and your children!

I love that we are really getting into a groove with our more simple lifestyle and the boys are absolutely thriving!

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  1. Such a cute playroom! And I love that you are sure to include not just traditionally "boy toys." I think that is so important!